Hunter encountered a grizzly bear Tuesday morning; Sustained minor injuries

The Game and Fish Department reported this morning that a grizzly bear incident occurred on Tuesday, November 3 near the Clark Fork River about a mile and a half from the Wyoming/Montana border.

The hunter, who asked to remain anonymous, reported that he had a run-in with a grizzly bear around 11:30 a.m. Game and Fish responded immediately, and the hunter was located in a riparian area which was covered in extremely thick sage brush, about 5-6 feet tall. From the evidence gathered by Game and Fish, it looked like the hunter likely jumped the grizzly in a daybed.

Archaeologists Search for 1877 Army Route

The Bureau of Land Management Cody Field Office partnered with the Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist (OWSA) on a research project this past summer to find evidence of U.S. Army bivouacs associated with the Nez Perce National Historic Trail (NPNHT) near Clark, Wyoming.

The NPNHT follows the path of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce as they tried to escape the pursuing U.S. Army during the Nez Perce War of 1877. The 1,170 mile long route begins at Wallowa Lake, Oregon and ends at the Bear Paw Battleground in Montana. One segment of the trail follows the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River out of Wyoming and into Montana.

South Pass City’s Stamp Mill, Northern Arapaho Ration Tickets voted Top State Artifacts

In celebration of 125 years of Wyoming statehood, the Wyoming State Historical Society, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries, invited the public to vote for their favorite Wyoming Artifact this past month.

Voting ended Sept. 30th and the winners are….drum roll….copied below;

The South Pass City Stamp Mill was voted the state's 10th top artifact

10th Place: South Pass City State Historic Site, Timber Framed, 10 Stamp California Quartz Mill.

Upon his return from Europe where he was studying art, Bierstadt embarked on a trip west with Fredrick Lander’s road survey expedition in the spring and summer of 1859 to sketch and photograph the western landscape for future paintings. These stereoviews probably represent the earliest photographs of Oregon Trail emigrant wagons crossing through what is now Wyoming. (Wyoming State Historical Society/pitchenginecommunities)

9th Place: Museum of the Mountain Man, Pinedale. Two rare glass plate stereo views circa 1859 by Albert Bierstadt

The ration tickets represent cultural adversity and renewal within Wyoming’s history. These tickets are from the Northern Arapaho tribe and are housed at the Plains Indian Museum in Cody.

8th Place: Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Center, Cody. Eighteen ration tickets used in 1905 by Arapaho families on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Lovell Schools implemented a ‘Shelter in Place’ yesterday afternoon

(Lovell, Wyo.) – Yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. Lovell law enforcement arrested a man who was making violent threats after reportedly being fired from the local sugar factory. Read more about that story here.

Basin Reboot spoke with the Lovell School District’s Superintendent, Rick Woodford this morning, and he clarified that the school district implemented a “Shelter in Place,” yesterday afternoon. Kids were allowed to move around the building as normal, while staff had eyes on all entry points and remained on high alert. “We kept in very close contact with our local Police Department all day,” said Woodford.

Dispatch: Rifle in the canal, threats over cat getting out, foot chase downtown

(Cody Police Department) – Here is the Wednesday, November 4 recap of law enforcement activity in the Cody area. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.


None at this time.

Total 911 calls – 4

At 12:21 a.m. an officer initiated activity at Area Two, Sheridan AVE/29th St,. Completed.

At 12:58 a.m. Suspicious Activity reported. Officer initiated activity at Pioneer Avenue, (Unknown Address), in Cody. Suspicious vehicle. Assistance Given.

At 2:09 a.m.  a traffic stop occurred at Alpine Ave/Heart Mountain St,. TS – Warned no headlights. Warning Issued.

UW awarded $17.4 million biomedical research grant

Biomedical research and education in Wyoming will be strengthened by a $17.4 million grant awarded to the University of Wyoming from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The Wyoming IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) program will receive a five-year grant, marking the third time UW has received such an award. The funding will allow Wyoming INBRE to continue to support projects that focus on health issues important to rural residents, with an emphasis on cardiometabolic diseases and technology for chronic disease research and therapeutics.

Significant grizzly bear activity near the South Fork Highway

Wyoming Game and Fish Department alerted the BLM Cody Field Office that there has been significant grizzly bear activity at the Bobcat- Houlihan Trailhead, located approximately 30 miles southwest of Cody via Wyoming State Highway 291 (the South Fork Highway).

Last night, a grizzly sow and cubs broke into a pickup with a shell on the bed and pulled out a deer carcass. Please be extra vigilant if you are hunting or otherwise recreating in that area – it’s Bear Country! Learn more here.

Cody residence struck by bullet; Park County Sheriff’s Office seeking information

(Cody, Wyo.) – On October 31, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Park County 911 Center received a report of a bullet striking a residence at 39 Bohica Lane. Upon arrival, investigating deputies spoke to the home owners, Bard and Allison Betz, both age 57 and learned the following.

0 (11)Mr. and Mrs. Betz were inside their home around 6:00 p.m. when they heard a very loud noise. They looked around the interior of the home and discovered a hole in one of their interior closet doors where it appeared that a bullet had struck it. Upon further investigation, they discovered several other holes including one through an exterior wall. Evidence indicated that the path of the bullet went from the exterior wall, across a staircase and through a secondary wall near the family’s computer station. The bullet then continued across the room, through the closet door and into another wall where it became lodged.

Cody Country Chamber of Commerce interviews 5 candidates for new Director position

(Cody, Wyo.) – Yesterday, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce hosted five contending candidates for the new Director position. Interviews were held in the morning, followed by a luncheon, and a public Meet and Greet at the Olive Glenn Golf Course.

We sat down with current Interim Cody Chamber Director, Dennie Hammer, and learned a little bit about each candidate’s experience. Hammer added, “Our initial impression was very positive. All five candidates are extremely qualified, friendly and open.”

0 (4)1. Tia Hoebelheinrich is from Great Falls, Montana. She is currently the Director of Aging Services in Cascade County and has experience with grant writing, administration, budget development, and program management. She is also the CEO of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

BREAKING: Lovell Schools on lockdown after suspect makes violent threats

UPDATE at 3:03 p.m. – Police have reportedly arrested someone at a location on East Third. Radio traffic indicates school lockdowns are lifting.

h/t Jessica Entel

h/t Jessica Entel

UPDATE at 2:33 p.m. – Police are reportedly moving to a new location.

UPDATE at 2:29 p.m. – The suspect is reportedly in the Lovell Apartments; law enforcement have the area surrounded.

UPDATE at 2:25 p.m. – According to radio traffic, law enforcement are attempting to communicate with someone in a building. Location and other details are not yet available.

UPDATE at 2:20 p.m. – Rocky Mountain schools have lifted their lockdowns.

Cody City Council approves new animal waste ordinance; Sanitation schedule change for Veterans Day

(Cody, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of the Tuesday, November 3 City Council Meeting.

Next Wednesday, November 11 is Veteran’s Day, a recognized holiday in the City of Cody, therefore the sanitation schedule will be adjusted. If your garbage is normally picked up on Wednesday, your adjusted pick-up day with either be Tuesday or Thursday. Check the City of Cody website to make sure you get the correct collection roll out day.

City Planner, Todd Stoll, presented on the proposal to adjust the Amended Plat for Lots 7 and 8 of the CLDC and move the property line of a new subdivision 530 feet to the east. It was approved.

Dispatch: Man with a hammer, a deer with lights on his antlers, employee theft

(Cody Police Department) – Here is Tuesday, November 3 recap of law enforcement activity in the Cody area. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.


Samantha Caldwell, Cody, 22. Arrested for Warrant.

Gerald E. Sanford, Powell, 56. Arrested for Warrant.

Total 911 calls – 2

At 1:55 a.m extra patrol was initiated at 19th St. ITA #15-123. Completed.

At 2:07 a.m. miscellaneous Assistance occurred on Kent Ave,. RP was confronted by a man w/a hammer and was told to stay out of the neighborhood. After the rp told the man that he was just delivering papers the man said ok and walked off. RP would like a phone call at this time. Unable to Locate.

Ten Sleep Game Warden assists with two stuck bucks

(Ten Sleep, Wyo.) – In wild Wyoming, we coexist with many animals. We’re accustomed to seeing groups of deer off the highway, and even in town they’re often walking right through our frontyard. But, seeing two bucks stuck together like this is certainly a rare sight.

Carol Greet shared these photos and video with us from her home about 20 miles south of Ten Sleep. She said in her blog post, “Two bucks had their antlers locked together. One was down, the other still standing, head down, attached in deadly combat with his opponent.”

h/t Carol Greet/

h/t Carol Greet/

Cody-to-Cody mail being re-routed through Casper

Last week, one of our readers reached out to us with the following question regarding Cody’s mail service:

“What is happening with Cody mail? It used to be if you mailed it in Cody and sent it to someone in Cody it got there the next day. Now it seems Cody to Cody mail is going to Casper and taking two days to be received.”

We spoke with Shawn Moore, Post Office Operations Manager for the Colorado and Wyoming region regarding the matter. He shared with us the current postal policy states that all mail currently gets dispatched through Casper or Denver, so there is no sorting at the local level.