“EYE AM GARRETT” Benefit for Garrett Randolph happening Saturday, Nov. 7

(Cody, Wyo.) – Last week, we shared a story about Cody local, Garrett Randolph, and his 10 year battle with an eye disease called Keratoconus.

Garrett is seeking the one sure shot he feels he has to keep his vision: Surgery. Specifically, INTACS for Keratoconus Treatment, during which semi-permanent inserts are put in to remedy the Keratoconus. For Garrett, the obstacle with this procedure lies not in the success rate or difficulty, but rather the financial aspect.

IMG_45621“Insurance won’t cover it, and it’s $21,000 for the surgery,” said Garrett. “Even though the success rate is so high, the insurance company won’t cover a dime because they see it as experimental.”

Day by day, Garrett is losing more of his eyesight. He is now turning to the Cody community to help him afford the surgery and keep his sense of sight.

On Saturday, Nov. 7 starting at 6:30 pm at the Bandana Room of the Holiday Inn, will be EYE AM GARRETT. This benefit will feature many local live music acts, live local comedy, a silent auction and raffle, locally made jewelry and more. All proceeds from the event will go toward helping to fund Garrett’s surgery.

“I’m really confident I can raise the money living in a town like Cody, Wyoming,” said Garrett. “I wouldn’t feel confident in the heart of Brooklyn or the suburbs of Boston. We live in a community where people gather and people love to help people. We have an artistic movement going on so we can offer entertainment to community.”

With so many local businesses (Sports HQ, Juniper, Legends and more) and artists donating their retail and talents to the event, Garrett can feel the love.

“Everyone so far has been really great – People have been more than happy to donate or offer their services, and that means a lot,” said Garrett. “Even if it’s not a huge success raising money, it’s going to be a fun night.”