Chris LeDoux’s son Ned honors his father by finishing his song, ‘You Guys Can’t Tell Me We Ain’t Got It All’

(Wyoming) – According to a recent article from, Country Western’s website, Wyoming icon Chris LeDoux’s oldest son, Ned LeDoux has stepped in to honor his father by finishing a song that his father had started before his death about the importance of family and a love for country music.

Ned took it upon himself to finish Chris’ song, “You Guys Can’t Tell Me We Ain’t Got It All”.

“Well we ain’t got much of nothin’, and some folks might call us poor. But we’ve got meat in the freezer, and credit at the store. And there’s cows out on the prairie, wife and children down the hall. Now you can’t tell me we ain’t got it all.”

See the video of Ned Ledoux at the link.